What Others Are Saying About SHIFTALIGN

2017 Daytona Freeride. My back was killing me. After 15-20 minutes with Kim, I stood up and felt an immediate difference.
I can’t thank you enough, for the new pathway you have set me on.
— Don Salomon Freestyle Rider

I wanted to say thank you for spending time helping me out with my knee issue at the gym last month. I have been doing the exercises and I am back to full strength. Here are some pics from my most recent race that I killed!
— Andrew Smith Spartan Athlete
Multi-Rig 2.jpg
Finish Line.jpg
Bucket Brigade.jpg


I had some knee pain every day on and off. I learned my knees are actually facing inward. I had to retrain my muscles to get my knees to face forward again. We did stretches and exercises. . . Afterwards they felt great, I felt like a different person.
— Katie O' Hara
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Kim has taught me many basic movements that have freed me from my aches and pains. As soon as I started using ONE move, the wrist and arm pain has gone away. It works for me, and I think when done regularly, will work for anyone.
— Laura W
My butt is no longer broken! Now I can squeeze my glutes whenever I want.
— Ariana Queenan
This sorcerer made me do something with my shoulders for 3 seconds. . . and I have no pain whatsoever. I’ve been having this pain for months and I’m convinced that she knows the chamber of secrets.

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