Share Save Earn

I love when clients share their experience with friends, family, and others. It has its benefits besides helping people lead more fulfilling Pain-Free lives.


Referral Discounts

If you refer a client my way and they purchase a session, or package, I will award you a %10 discount on your next purchase with me. You’ll also be added to my active referrer list for other offers and discounts. Thanks for not keeping me a secret!

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Monthly Maintenance

So you’re out of pain. Whats next? Joining the monthly maintenance program means you’ll get access to a Straighten and Strengthen routine every 30 days. This will keep your body sustaining the changes you’ve made, and ready for more stimulus to keep it moving better.


Save with a friend

Have a friend or family member that does posture alignment therapy too? Why not see me together in a tandem session? How you split the cost is up to you.

(Not available for those brand new to postural therapy)