How To Take A Punch

“Holy shit we’ve got a room full of flinchers!”
— William Zabka in Cobra Kai
Rather Listen to this blog? Click video below.

Rather Listen to this blog? Click video below.

Dear Students and Clients:  I'm pretty candid, to put it mildly.  My techniques, and manners are not for everyone and thats a fact.  I bring a lot of concepts to the table that most people aren't ready to absorb or even comprehend.  I educate some of you, I entertain most of you, and I discourage many of you.  But to those that do resonate with me, you have experienced some incredible changes in your lives under YOUR OWN POWER.  You have realized a simple yet tough truth:

You are responsible for the way you feel, the thoughts you think, the emotions you have, and the life you live. 

New attendees in my classes aren't always prepared to get the bucket of cold water over their heads.  People expect certain behaviors from 'fitness instructors', that I don't always adhere to.  That is where I shine.  In the realm of the UNEXPECTED.  I provoke emotion and encourage thought.  I teach clarity, through awareness.  And if you're in the vicinity of wanting to guide your own destiny, I provide the tools, framework, and skills necessary to do so.  

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If however, you're incapable of living your life deliberately, or taking responsibility for your own feelings and thoughts, my methods and words seem sharp, callous, and are INDEED a punch to the face.  I've had students never return, complain to gym owners, even walk out mid class.  Sometimes I've let them go, but other times (inspired moments) I've halted their exit.  And you know what has come of that?  Enlightenment. In that moment they become aware. They realize that they are only running away from themselves, and from that there is nowhere to hide.  Those students have thanked me, and I have thanked them right back.  For being present enough to guide their own destiny during a moment of clarity.


That is why I love the Cobra Kai series on Youtube.  It is an eye opener from the antagonist’s perspective.  I wasn't expecting it to be so entertaining, and educational, but I find the character Johnny Lawrence's methods most refreshing.  He plays an unapologetic sensei, teaching what he knows best: survival through tough hard lessons.  He educates his students with the wisdom that the world will not change for you, but instead you need to 'flip the script' in order to prompt change. He is often insulting, sometimes overbearing, and very concise.  He encourages focus, confidence, and self-discipline.  

Raise your hand if you’ve never been punched in the face.  All your lives you’ve been avoiding fights.  So you don’t break your nose, or lose a tooth, . . . This concussion nonsense. So theres only one solution, and that is before you leave this dojo, each and every one of you is going to take a punch, VERY HARD, to the face.
— Johnny Lawrence Cobra Kai

In my younger days, I too trained in martial arts dojos across Long Island. I see some similarities between his and my teaching styles.  Though I'm not sending children home in tears, I am sending students home with fresh awareness.  Some will be aware that my class is not for them.  Others will be aware that they need to 'flip the script' if they want their lives to change.  Students realize that they shouldn't take themselves too seriously.  Others take themselves so seriously that they never come back.

I don’t practice being everything to everyone that walks into the classroom. I don’t teach how to be everything to everyone in your life. We can not possibly do that. I teach responsibility to own your own feelings, own your own thoughts, and own your own life. There is no room for blame, because blame puts others in power. That is not what I teach. For many people this is a hard concept to swallow. It is a punch to the face, especially to those not ready to quit. . .


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Its much easier to pass the buck and shift responsibility to someone or something else, then go on living your life. But you see that isn’t living life. That is living life by default. Living the blame game means you’re allowing life to happen to you. You let others direct your life, because you take no effort to guide it yourself. You let conditions dictate how you feel at any given moment, and blame the conditions for how you feel, good or bad.

In the end I’m not here to pat your bottom and tell you how special it is. I’m here to hold space for you to dictate the direction your life goes. To own who you are, how you feel, and do so deliberately. To address the flinching. Because the cold hard fact is

You create your own reality

"There is only one solution, and that is before you leave this dojo, each and every one of you is going to take a punch, VERY HARD, to the face." William Zabka in Cobra Kai

"There is only one solution, and that is before you leave this dojo, each and every one of you is going to take a punch, VERY HARD, to the face." William Zabka in Cobra Kai