Posture Device Flops, Fads and Fails


Looks cool right? What are we looking at here?

Business as usual.

Posture is the newest buzz word. In fitness, in wellness, in child development, in breast augmentation, in pain reduction, in butt lifting. Posture affects it all. With a trend like this, its easy to sell lame ass products that well meaning humans will purchase as a quick fix for their issues.

Is it really so bad though? Well the inspiration behind the concept isn’t. Posture. Yes it is important. But it falls short of the mark when we realize what gave us crappy posture in the first place.

not moving enough

So donning a device that props us up (a job our muscles are supposed to do) is a good idea in a movement restricted lifestyle? Maybe. Maybe not.

I met a young man on the plane home from an Egoscue Seminar in Europe. He was wearing something similar to the man on the right. I recognized it from my experience with a clavicle separation I suffered in a motorcycle accident in 2007. He was healing from the same incident, and looked uncomfortable.

I asked him a straight forward question. “Do you think that thing is helping?” He replied very quickly. “No.”

Yeah its easy to look sexy when you’re sporting a bra on the outside

Yeah its easy to look sexy when you’re sporting a bra on the outside


“Then take it off”

I confidently told him

Do you know why I said that? Because his muscles and connective tissue were far stronger than some man-made elastic that wasn’t doing squat for this guy. He said so. Its a great theory to try to position the shoulder as well as you can while the break healed, but bony union happens quickly! Its far more efficient to work with the MUSCLES in the WHOLE body and keep their patterns clear and functional while healing and afterward. The muscles will be there for life, not the elastic straps.

Can you picture your child wanting to wear this thing? What happened to the old school parenting tactic of


Your kid’s, grandkid’s even YOUR poor posture is most often a result of not moving properly, or at all! Do you want to prop them up with braces, tape, bands, and straps that they’ll need into adulthood? Is this what the robust human has come to?

Upright Walkers

Lift Recliners

Stair Lifts

Or do we hold the solution within our own design? We are created perfectly. But all of these devices are a poor attempt at reinventing the human from a flawed perspective that we lack ability. News flash:

We Are Capable and Robust


Even this cut, muscled, model makes posture bras attractive, right? Whatever they have to do to convince you that you need to buy this to be upright. After all, posture is important, and your muscles obviously can’t do the job they were designed for in the first place.

I’m too tough on these devices, I know. Its just so easy to make fun of when you see the advertisements. So I don’t hold back for a good laugh. I’m sure tools like these and your posture tracker apps, can be useful. Just don’t forget where you came from. CAPABLE HUMAN BEINGS who withstood more intense hardships than bending over an iPhone all day.

Lets get some good contrast here to drive the final point home, shall we?

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 4.20.35 PM.png

Ready to trade in your posture device for the free on that lies within?

Use My Own Posture