Kiki Bosch: A Candid Interview with an Ice Water Freediver

candid kiki.png

Freediver, Teacher, Speaker, Leader, Inspirer, Uplifter.

Kiki Bosch is all of these things and more. By deliberately disturbing her comfort, she experienced her own healing. Kiki encourages us all to not only embrace adversity on purpose, but to also balance ourselves with compassion.

Join us as we talk about harmonizing these aspects in life, diving, relationships, shamanism and more.

0:00 Intro

2:10 Disturb the Comfort Comfort the Disturbed

3:45 Learn to comfort yourself

4:15 Tribalism

5:10 Emotional Intelligence

5:30 Abraham Hicks Leader

6:15 Moderation, PC, Taboo Opinions Suppression

9:45 #Adversity Are we Weak?

11:27 Where is the growth?

12:50 Kiki’s Obligation and Blackout

17:20 “This is so beautiful”

18:00 “Mentally I was Gone!”

19:30 “I could feel the whole structure of my system”

21:55 Changing the Past

22:50 Valuing Negative Experiences

25:30 Pattern Attractor/Pattern ENDER

26:00 From age 11

28:25 “I didn’t learn my lesson”

30:25 Performance and Belief

32:33 Some days you Doubt Yourself

34:20 Play out the Negative Scenario

34:45 Jack Jeffries World Champion Skydiver

37:15 Preparation vs Dwelling

38:47 Wim Hof Method and Freediving

40:00 Thoughts Drain Energy

41:09 Thought LITERALLY IS energy

41:45 Hyperventilation VERY DANGEROUS for Freedivers

43:15 WHM Controversy Freediving

47:25 Kiki in USA 2020

47:50 WHM Instructor Samuel Whiting

49:30 Obligation to Heal Students

52:00 Its always up to them

52:50 Holding Happiness isn’t the problem

54:55 Everything in life Teaches you a Lesson

55:15 Nothing is Permanent

56:30 Balance vs Harmony

57:24 Compassion vs Guilt

1:01:46 The Shaving

1:02:25 Tribal Medicine Transformation

1:03:12 Kiki is Clean Before the Toad

1:03:20 Bufo Experience

1:04:15 Take Me

1:06:00 What are you trying to Prove

1:07:45 Internalizing the Paradigm Shift

1:10:50 Where to find Kiki

1:13:30 USA Tour Dates

Music by TeknoAxe's Mellow Aether