Lloyd Bayley: Interview with an AMA ASRA Pro Racer, Trials Rider

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To the untrained eye a Pro rider like Lloyd Bayley is just another adrenaline junkie on a tight looking bike. Driven by speed, touched by luck, and talented enough to keep going.  But behind all the gear is rider with a wealth of street smarts.  Armed with practical life philosophies, Lloyd’s successes and failures have awarded him a unique perspective on riding, and life.

Listen in while we discuss track racing, street riding, the early days, the ego game, speed, crashes, skills you need for success, and mindsets that will hold you back.  

0:00 Intro

2:00 JBE 

3:15 Scariest Bike Ever 

4:20 Street Racing vs Track Racing 

5:55 Earning a Name 

6:30 Worst Crash 

8:15 Wasted Talent Spent Money 

8:45 Days are NUMBERED 

10:00 Afraid to Admit Fault 

10:35 Tip on Brakes and Turns 

12:30 Extreme Conditions Help Extreme Conditions 

12:45 Forward Thinking Planning 

17:05 Vanderbilt Worst Crash 

18:05 Factory Racers vs Privateer 

19:45 Sacrifice 

21:05 Chasing the High Yard Sale 

23:15 Liquidation 

24:13 Race and Racing

24:15 Race Specific 

25:10 Rickey Gadson, Dickerson 

26:15 Beginnings of a Racer (inner city story) 

28:05 Piano vs Motorcycles 

29:30 Hanging off Go Carts 

31:35 Miguel DuHomell Test Rider 

35:45 State of Emergency Snow Donuts 

36:55 JBE Rollcage Go Carts 

37:45 Who am I Racing? 

38:15 First Time Daytona 

42:45 Free Jumps? 

43:45 NY to FL 

46:05 NY = Hustle 

51:15The Cold Sucks 

53:15 Weather Racing 

55:05 The Brick Yard 

58:00 First and ONLY Man of Color at World Cup 

58:50 Plant Based Diet 

1:00:10 Attacking Beliefs

1:00:50 You Have a Right to Kill Yourself

1:02:10 Cheeseburger Motivator

1:03:20 Babies and Popcorn

1:04:48 Meth, Hookers, and Jesus

1:07:04 Misery Loves Company

1:08:05 Victims Chum the Water

1:10:00 Good Things Bad Habits

1:11:30 Abusive Relationship Patterns

1:12:15 Prove It-Change It

1:16:00 Colored Tires

1:17:15 Trusting Your Heart is BULLSHIT

1:18:17 Grocery Store Scenario

1:19:50 No Road Rage in Florida-We Carry

1:23:00 Women Spit On Men

1:25:05 I’m Not Getting Involved

1:27:50 Florida has WEIRD ass Northerners

1:29:30 If You Knew Better, You’d Do Better

1:31:00 Who Are Your Friends

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Music by Teknoaxe

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