Bella Lit Interview: Motorcycles, Racing, Fabricating, and Art

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When someone finds freedom in their first bike experience, it is hard to picture life without two wheels ever again. From track racing to fabrication and art, Bella Lit lives her life to the fullest by riding and creating mechanical works of art. Like all passionate humans, there is more to her than just one hobby. Her pursuits into history, and culture, while keeping her racing and engraving skills sharp has placed her in a unique position. Bella inspires others to get the most from life’s lessons, leave the fear of being authentic behind, and keep after your dreams.

Join us in this discussion as we cover motorcycle builds, riding and racing techniques, Norse history and art, staying true to yourself, and how to keep the shiny side up on your bike.

1:15 Introducing Bella Lit

4:30 Bella’s Early Life

6:15 Advice to Teens

7:13 Don’t Fuck Yourself Up

7:55 Bridging Cultural Gaps 

9:30 Norse.Life

12:15 Einar Selvik Remembering Your Roots

13:20 Customizing Bikes

15:55 Petrolettes Wrench Off

17:45 How Bella Operates

22:56 Bella’s Personality

26:24 Italy vs United States

25:12 Bar Fights vs Martial Arts

30:12 Track Skill Progression

33:12 Italian Resistance to Female Riders

35:30 Its NOT a male/female thing

36:30  Bella on Feminism

39:30 Dirtbikes?

40:52 Erzberg the MMA of Motorcycles

41:45 MC Gymkhana

43:00 Embracing Adversity vs Looking for Trouble

43:40 Schooling

46:07 Getting Into Trouble

47:30 Beards: Israelis vs Vikings vs Hipsters

50:08 Why the Norse influence?

52:40 Engineering Priority over Art

55:20 Engineering is NOT Fabrication

55:55 Electric Universe

57:50 JBE Motorsports Custom Exhaust, Turbo and Fuel systems

1:01:15 The Bella Lit plug Instagram

1:02:50 Authenticity in Social Media

1:05:55 Counterproductive Feelings

1:07:28 Riding to Meditate

1:09:50 Taking Action

1:13:57 Physical and Mental Requirements for Track Riding

1:15:10 Galdr Seidjr

1:16:30 Revival of the Primal: Not Your Typical Tree Hugger

1:18:00 Gungnir: Devoted to Odin

1:20:00 Manifesting Delving Creative Process

1:21:00 Odin/Odhinn

1:22:35 Marvel’s Fat Thor

1:27:00 Bella’s Message

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Music by Tekno Axe’s Peace In The Circuitry

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