Norse.Life Interview with Alex

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At first glance, it may seem just a dark, scary, website that romanticizes viking culture with pretty cool graphics.   It is not that at all! is a Sweden and UK based platform that upholds a virtuous ethical lifestyle and with practical programs.  It covers fitness, survival, outdoor sports, teamwork, and deep philosophies, and integrates that into an online based community, is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and it has been a LONG time coming.

In their own words, “We do not preserve the ashes of tradition, we are the keepers of the flame.” 

I hope you enjoy this interview as we cover workouts, gaming, tribalism, human suffering, . . . what you think is holding you back and what we are truly capable of.

1:30 What is Norse.Life

4:05 How to navigate Norse

7:20 Mindset of Norse Code

8:30 Helping Those Around You

9:38 OCR is Obstacle Course Race

12:00 Workouts ,equipment, gym and mindset

14:30 Chasing adversity

15:20 Limitations vs Capability

17:08 Hávamál

18:00 Hive mentality vs Tribalism

19:00 No One Can Do It For You

20:55 Embracing Personal Darkness

21:30 Suffering is Personal

22:20 Alex Revisits His Past

26:40 Dan’s Story

30:00 Motivation During Adversity

30:45 Jocko Willink Good

33:15 Self Centered vs Tribalism

34:45 The Attraction of the Gaming Lifestyle

36:45 Is Gaming a Bad Habit?

41:00 Culture of Camping Article

44:00 What it means to be Norse

48:45 Are Survival Techniques Outdated?

51:00 Identity, Ancestry, Defining Moments

53:15 Stand By Me

55:00 Share your Sigr/Victory Facebook Group

56:30 Norse is MORE than just online

57:45 Group Raids?

1:04:10 How To Sign Up

1:08:20 Alex’s Advice

1:09:15 Pack Mentality vs Hive Mind

1:10:55 Contact Information

Music by Rameses B - Game of Thrones