Jaclyn Kiernan RDN Interview

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Meet Jaclyn Kieran, a registered clinical dietitian and nutritionist.  In this discussion we sort through the confusing and often misused terms in the health and wellness field.  We will cover buzzwords, diet fads, clinical studies, skewed statistics, and how to navigate it all clearly and confidently.  Paleo Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Keto,  Supplements, listening to yourself and making sense of it all.  Join us as we dive straight into these juicy discussions, and come out satisfied.

0:00 Jaclyn Kiernan MS RDN

1:34 Wonky Thyroid

3:11 Awesome Hashimotos!

4:20 Thyroid #1 Prescribed Med in America

4:50 Is Your Body REALLY attacking itself?

6:35 Autoimmune Theory makes NO SENSE

7:00 Dr. Randall Tent’s Autoimmune or Viruses?

7:50 Umbrella Terms of Medical Field

8:50 White Coat Syndrome

10:00 Admission to Not Knowing

11:30 Syndrome=Don’t Know

11:55 Antioxidants

12:55 Oxidative Stress

14:20 Buzz Supplements for Sale

16:05 Nutrition as Foundation 

16:20 Foods That Fight Cancer

17:05 Diabetes being Overweight

18:05 Fashionable Fasting

19:00 Good Results. . . For Men

21:25 Statistics and Studies: Who Funds Them?

22:30 Its ok to Ask

23:30 Jaclyn is Open to your Inquiries

24:20 Doctors Are STILL laughing at Results?

25:40 New Doctors Don’t Want to be Wrong

27:25 Science of Fasting

27:50 Results No One Will Fund

28:35 Keto Buzzword and Origins

35:40 Why Keto feels good. . . At First

36:40 Is it dirty Keto or Paleo?

37:10 Professional Help vs Umbrella Diet

37:48 Fat Should NOT be the body’s main Fuel

38:15 Dirty or Clean Keto WTF?

39:00 Correcting Doctors on Nutrition

40:14 Having the Foundation 

41:42 Practicing What They Preach

43:10 Supplements VS Food

43:50 Whats in Supplements?

44:30 Label Reading

46:20 Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen 

46:00 Organic Negotiation 

49:30 Go Big or Go Home Turmeric Latte

40:45 Essential Thoughts on Oils

42:40 Sinus Infection and Aerial Championships

54:10 Drastic Surgery or Nothing 

54:50 You’re FIRED doctor!

55:50 Label Reading-Switch and Ditch

59:30 Why Smell is so Helpful with Healing

1:00:20 Pure Natural Therapeutic Grade-Yeah Right

1:01:03 YL Transparency

1:01:30 Savvy Minerals 

1:02:00 Discovery Sessions — Unboxing Yourself

1:03:35 What Sessions are Like

1:04:10 The Yoda Quote 

1:05:06 Get Ready for Loss

1:05:40 Giving Yourself Away—Who Am I?

1:06:15 What Essential Oils to use

1:06:50 Psychosomatic IS emotional and physical

1:07:30 Aroma Freedom Technique

1:08:40 Women’s Empty Pitchers

1:10:00 Self Care Takes 1 Minute

1:11:05 Women Instinctually Adapt Dmitry Tamoikin Interview

1:12:00 Dr. Trisha Smith Interview 

1:13:09 Who Do You Become?

1:13:50 Abraham Hicks 

1:14:30 History of Imperfect Gandhi

1:15:03 Respecting Your Boundaries

1:16:20 Workshops Facebook Newsletter Sessions

1:17:20 Holistic Speaking Events

Yoga Retreat 

1:18 20 Makeup Day At Jaclyn’s Place 

1:20:03 3 Word Cabinet Challenge

1:21:50 Jaclyn’s 3 Tips to All