Dr. Trisha Smith: Interview with a Wim Hof Method Instructor

Welcome to Shiftalign. Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Trisha Smith. She is one of the very first Americans to be certified in the Wim Hof Method, and an all around AWESOME human being. In our discussion we cover Breathing, Handling Fear, Extreme temperatures, the Female Perspective, How to be Present, and more! You’ll learn what drives Trish and how to genuinely follow your own drive. Listen in as she Expands Your Human!

1:00 Who Is Dr. Trish?

3:25 An Ice Bath Changed My Life

3:50 Fear is Amazing!

5:40 Mission 

5:55 Patient Independence

6:18 What is Health

6:50 What is an Optimal Human?

7:43 Health is up to YOU

8:20 What is WHM 

8:40 Simple Human Things

9:19 The Most Important Muscle 

9:33 Best Starting Point for Beginners

9:46 Cold or hot

10:50 Mindset Commitment

11:20 Carol Dwek Mindset: The New Psychology of Success 

13:40 Seems Extreme Its Not Its Human

14:05 Doesn’t have to be complicated

14:30 Minimal Effective Dose

15:30 Don’t Like Cold?

15:55 Walk the Walk

16:35 Never Force

16:55 Abraham Hicks Inspiring Others

17:30 Cold Water Exposure Women

19:47 Feel The Seasons

20:01 Be Kind to Yourself

21:42 Force vs Discipline

22:30 Where the Magic Is

22:45 Small Incremental Increases

26:44 Advanced Techniques while Staying Basic

27:40 Interval Extremes

28:40 Its About Depth

31:00 Internal Focus

32:00 Expand Your Human

32:48 WakeUp Routines

33:03 6 Primal Principles

40:19 Being Present

43:30 When Your Significant Other Has a Different Schedule

45:46 Addiction, Disease, Meds and WHM

47:45 Opioids Canabanoids and Releasing Them

49:50 Dr. Trish’s Schooling

50:48 Functional Range Conditioning

Emotional Intelligence Training

52:30 Dr. Randall Tent Auto-Immune? or Viruses 

53:57 Human Immune System Rabbit Hole

54:45 Research is Slow and Limited 

56:10 No more questions? No where to go.

57:10 Trish’s Facebook Page

57:55 Free Webinar Coming Up 

58:20 T-shirts 

59:10 Corporate Training

1:01:30 Fear is a Good Thing

1:03:05 Reframing Fear to Overcome

1:05:50 Love Fear

1:07:22 What Trish Loves

Music by Rameses B: Soul Essence