Greg's Revolution Fitness Interview


Why Revolution?

Because conventional approaches fall short.

Both in logic and in results.


If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything. I interviewed Victoria and Greg from Revolution Radio Fitness Podcast and Greg’s Revolution Fitness to discuss holistic approaches to wellness. Holistic because it incorporates as many aspects of the human BEING as we have to develop. All of which are important, and can enrich your life.

0:00 Intro

1:44 Stuffing You In The Corner at Gym

2:15 Holistic Nervous System

3:24 Oaur Ring

8:16 Mind Body Soul Expo 

8:37 Thermographic Scanner link

9:25 Michael Corcoran 

10:45 Guide To Healthiest You 

14:50 Revolution Radio Fitness Podcast 

19:14 Nurse to CNA clinical instructor

22:09 Why is a Revolution needed?

25:46 Bruce Lee Be as Water

28:00 Jarid Kenyon Human Design 

32:35 Specialization is for insects

37:47 Hollywood Sports Distraction

40:15 intermittent fasting fad

41:00 Foundation of Fasting

43:00 Cooking Oil in Restraints

43:45 Benefits of Fasting

44:35 Bill Phillips Body for Life 6 meals

44:50 Sustainable program for just 3 months?

45:20 Jason Fung

45:35 The Science of Fasting documentary 

46:10 Use Tools of Internet

46:20 Wim Hof’s clinical trials

46:39 Why fasting makes you younger 

50:20 Fung on Sugar 

52:00 Curvy Barbie 

53:00 Europeans aren’t as fat as Americans

54:15 What are we teaching our children?

55:10 Human goals Happy Healthy Strong

58:40 Yang now Yin 50 years later

59:15 Painting while you lift?

1:01:13 Nature is your Playground

1:01:50 Romanticizing Paleo and Fasting

1:02:20 Thunderbolts Project Cataclysmic event changed humanity

1:03:07 Went Vegan for a Year, what Greg Learned

1:04:39 JP Sears If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans

1:08:00 HGH Human Growth Hormone

1:10:00 Bill’s Efficiency Charts 

1:10:20 Source your Information statistics are skewed to fit the sale

1:12:26 Mind Body Soul Expo

1:13:20 Paul Check

1:14:15 Balance

1:16:25 Dr. Trisha Smith Wim Hof Method Instructor

1:17:00 Hot Cold Reset pH and Nervous system

1:20:04 Turkish Bath NY

1:21:30 Heart Rate Monitor app Elite HRV

1:23:15 Nuts and Bolts of understanding yourself

1:25:08 Biohacking Definition

1:25:34 Feet Talk to us

1:26:00 DNA test with GOOD backing

1:28:40 Allow New information and expand

1:29:49 Cognitive Dissonance

1:30:30 We live in a Hologram

1:33:00 Intellectualism vs Feeling

1:33:32 Bruce Lee on Strict Martial Arts

1:34:24 Invitation to Wim Hof Come on Revolution Radio Fitness Podcast

1:35:30 Guide To Healthiest You  Revolution Radio Fitness Podcast 

1:36:30 From Competition to Inspiration

1:39:20 Top Tips for Health

Music by Rameses B Digidrop