Dmitry Tamoikin Interview: Health, Training, Relationships, Diet, Politics, and more


It is not about what you look at, but where you look from

I spoke with Dmitry Tamoikin, a young serial entrepreneur who has MORE life experience than some of us have combined. From childhood, schooling, and travels to business, health, and goals, this discussion will take you on a journey through a different lens. Sometimes sobering, often humorous, but in every way honest, the interview is in-depth and in its entirety.


1:27 Got my cocoa and Ready to be interviewed

1:30 Dmitry Introduction

3:03 Bettering the World Through Sharing

4:00 Dmitry’s Life Hack #1 video

6:00 Direct Enrichment from Youtube 

7:55 Encouraging a Friend Youtube

9:23 #1 place to be for Entrepreneurs Youtube

9:53 Dmitry’s Mantra

10:15 Jacko Willink Podcast

12:16 Learning French 

12:47 Why the Russian Accent

13:17 They thought I was french

14:08 I’m Memorable

14:13 Arnold Schwarzenegger 

15:36 No Success to Great Success

16:32 Dmitry’s Background Story

16:50 George Orwell

17:40 African Move

18:22 Migrating to Canada

21:00 The BIG EVENT millionaire 

23:00 Why Kim left college

24:36 Shifting from Anger to what you want

25:00 B.A.S.E. Jumping

27:50 Nicola Tesla Quote

29:00 Dmitry on Relationships

33:10 Predisposition for Happiness

-Dmitry’s Knee Video

34:04 Predisposed for Happiness

-Keys to Good Relationship

36:10 Know their parents

35:40 Disputing Tesla

36:00 Wim Hof Method

38:30 Dmitry Recommends Wim Hof

39:00 How Dmitry breathes at the ocean

40:12 Crimea Isn’t Siberia

41:50 Playing Russian Mafia

42:28 Proving Your Worth 



0:00 Russian parachuting

1:05 Walrus club

2:15 Eastern Europe is doing it, so are Greeks 

2:45 Why Russians are crazy 

4:40Playing with Russian Mafia 

5:42 Smack them in the EYE 

6:20 You know how many people I know?

6:55 Did you go to school with Dmitry? Please Comment!

7:10 Sports in High school 

7:40 Tough Coaches and No screaming 

8:50 Sport Spirit adapted to gym 

10:00 Technical difficulties resolved with a brutal axe 

10:50 Beards thoughts 10:50

11:22 German singer  Conchita Wurst

13:00 Questions Dmitry gets

17:00 Whats manly, Whats feminine, let them be

18:00 Undermining men and warrior mentality 

- women’s adaptable capability genetic predisposition

- mens genetic predisposition

- aggressive resistance to masculinity

- conflict between men and women and relationship destruction 

21:30 what makes a man a man and a woman a woman

22:45 embracing your inner animal

25:10  Brain Sex Anne Moir David Jessel

25:45 Mads Palsvig Interview   

26:00 Dmitry’s Video on Plastic and Hormones

28:24 End result can not be blamed on those affected

29:32 Clinical studies are suppressed

31:30 Mads Palsvig Interview

31:55 Sex Change Operations Depression

33:25 normalizing psychological chemical trauma   

34:10 Biggest Fear

34:40 Loving Life

36:25 Fascination with Space

37:55 What was the question again?

38:51 Stale Life Freak Out

39:19 Average life I can’t stand

40:53 Mercedes G Class Galant Wagon

42:12 I’m SUPER Careful

42:35 No college but PHD

43:00 Diving under Ice video

45:20 Reaching for the next you average vs next

46:18 Fear is the greatest motivator

47:36 War has been waged on ego

47:55 How to deal with egotistical people


48:45  Roman Oleh Yaworsky Being Centered 

49:46 Ego bashers Contradiction

50:30 Jacko said don’t be a pompous ass


51:10 when to be humble vs aggressive 


Part 3

0:00 Diet

1:25 Something close to paleo 1:25

3:20 Why Costco is impressive 3:20

4:25 supporting local 4:25

4:45 vegetarian attempt 4:45

6:05 Eating a LOT

6:15 Super Charged Rice Recipe

6:55 Eat what fits you

8:45 Dairy

9:15 Coffee and Alcohol

10:05 Milk and Cows

10:25 Milk government and farms

11:10 I support Local Farmers

12:45 Dr. Hyman food is information 

14:25 Grampies Boat

15:49 Scale and Beauty of Winter Swimming

19:17 Not blaming establishment

19:35 Escapism

22:25 Steps To Wealth

23:15 Nothing Stopping You

25:14 Captain Kim in Palau

25:22 FREE Entrepreneur Coaching

23:53 3 words for you!

26:40 Renaissance Man

28:58 Serial Entrepreneur

30:33 What is money to Dmitry 

31:45 Mark Zukerberg Facebook

32:48 Richard Branson virgin serial entrepreneurs big level

34:10 Prepare for What?!

34:30 American perspective vs Russian point of view

38:55 Women need to learn survival skills

39:20 Hurricane Sandy and Katrina

41:00 How we Should Live Optimism

41:35 Robert A. Heinlein quote 

43:13 inspired by pioneer women

44:15 Cougar Hit on Me

45:36 Losing loved ones 

47:20 Be proud of your Ancestors

48:18 Forgetting Your Roots

49:00 Russian Soldier Killed 20 people with 1 ax WW2

49:52 Jocko Willink Korean soldier vs Chinese soldier

50:54 I must live up to my ancestors 

54:00 Music

55:20 Whining about Relationships Sucks 

56:34 NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming

56:47 Russian Prison Music

58:22 Music Programs You be Careful

59:49 Why nature is Important to Experience

1:02:05 WILD Nature is Important

1:02:20 The Soul