What Happened This Week at ShiftAlign

Did you miss it? The last 7 days went fast. If you’ve been following me on Facebook, Instagram and even Youtube, you probably saw my newest LIVE videos. Maybe you even participated in a few of them. If you did, congratulations. You’ve been introduced to just a few of the tools I use to help YOU help YOURSELF. If you didn’t, boy are you missing out!

going live

A lot of us don’t have much time for many of our priorities. And almost every one of us places ourselves last in that list. I understand. Making it to the gym, eating right, and even deliberate relaxation takes time. So I decided to bring quality information and the practice of it, to YOU via live streaming events. Here is a taste of what you may have missed, or recap of what you participated in.

Postural Alignment LIVE Therapy

Wednesday was the foundation. Posture is my go to for all your ailments, at least at first. Do you know why? Because out of all the wonderful tools I have, it is the easiest to convey, the simplest to perform, and what I’m mostly schooled in. Face it, if your antennae is twisted and/or bent, there is no way you’re going to get clear signaling within your own body. You’re just going to get the signal of MISALIGNMENT which results in pain.


So first things first, allow the structures to realign as best they can through varied specific movement patterns. Thats right, the body realigns itself depending on the environment its in. Its called ADAPTATION. Adding new stimulus, will result in new patterns. Specific stimulus designed for your specific posture is the best way to go. So I chose 5 of my favorite tried and true moves that affect common misalignments that I see. Unfortunately I had my device at the wrong angle for the Facebook feed and it is sideways. But I was Live on Instagram and Youtube simultaneously and that is where it is right side up. Want to know more about what we did? Head over to Facebook Instagram and YouTube make sure to like, love, subscribe, follow and SHARE to keep me doing what I do!

Tuning the Electromagnetic Body


Once our antenna is more structurally sound, we can plug in, and begin transmitting/receiving more clearly. Never heard it explained that way, huh? Apart from being physical, we are also chemical. Duh, we knew that. But many of us don’t realize that we are electrical. We generate, store, emit, conduct, transmit, resonate etc. And we do it because the entirety of the universe from the wide expanse of space to the tiniest objects we can currently see, is filled with charged particles. Everything is ELECTRIC. (more in another blog) That means everything has a frequency. This is how we interact with our environment in both powerful and subtle ways.


In the same way that I use postural therapy to realign the body’s structures, I use tuning forks to retune the body’s signaling. Just like sound can break up kidney stones, or be used in brain surgery, I use sound to clear up noise or static in and around the human body (and animal body, and vegetable body, but I don’t charge for that). Intriguing? It was for me when I began understanding the physics behind this, and experienced it for myself.

This is what I did on Thursday. I took the audience through a mini-session. Want to learn more? Head over to the Video. If you didn’t experience it, you can listen there. . . again and again for ongoing benefits!

Cold Water Training

me in shower

No sissies allowed! Friday, I threw down the gloves and hit you hard with a powerful breathing technique designed to affect the autonomic nervous system (what science previously assumed was not controllable). We tapped into it with the breath, unleashing endorphins, serotonin, adrenaline, dopamine, norepinephrine and dimethyltryptamine. I’ll wait until after you looked these up. My point is, that we host a slew of incredible healing chemicals that we never deliberately access. Why? Because no one has ever told us that we can! Doctors, teachers, mommy and daddy. . . They’re under a misinformed paradigm that is changing FAST! Being SUPER HUMAN is your birthright, and I led Friday’s session with breath work to start us off. After the session, there was a part 2! The cold water training. For those of you who were brave, you took the tablet, iPad, or smartphone into your bathroom or to the garden hose, and got into the stream. You joined me as I walked you through the steps and demonstrated in my own bathroom so you didn’t get confused or lost. You found out quickly how your body’s initial reaction began to melt away under the control you can exhibit. What are the benefits of chillin’ like a villain? You’ve got to experience it firsthand! But if you’re a sissy, you can just read about it in the comments on my FB Friday’s Video page . Don’t forget to share!


That was last week in a nutshell everyone. I look forward to your comments, both here and on my pages so I can better understand my audience (you) and what you want. If getting valuable content is important to you, then providing quality content is important to me. Please don’t keep me a secret.


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