Experts of Dismissal: Dismissing the Experts

How Seeing the Big Picture Helps the Global Population   


My mom went to the doctor the other day to explain that she was experiencing daily back pain.  She is not the type of woman who sees doctors often, and it takes a good amount of sensation to motivate her to schedule an appointment with a professional. You know what he told her?  After casually looking her over, he stated ‘you’re fine, just take some aspirin’.  


Sometimes I forget how dismissive the ‘experts’ can be.  I’ve been teaching various effective modalities, albeit cutting edge and dare I say controversial, for so long, that I consider it common knowledge.  Reiki is being taught in colleges to nurses and doctors.  Acupuncture is accepted under health insurance. Posture has become an assessable and addressable concern in the fitness industry.  So how is it that this expert sent my mom home with no answers?

One of the factors is HUBRIS.  (I'll wait a moment so you can look that up, I had to get a dictionary too.).  We get so cozy with our beliefs, and routines that we seldom allow them to be challenged by contrasting observations.  The new thoughts are deemed unsafe on a psychological and neurological level.  Often we react harshly towards new concepts because they do not match our notion/belief of the way things are.  We become irrationally dismissive, and cast the concept aside.  We glaze over it, and press on with our comfortable beliefs and pride intact.  This reaction disallows new information to be understood and is coupled with accelerated forgetting, even if the new observation rationally contradicts our belief.  The term for this series of events is called



and it is VERY unscientific.  But what we find nearly across the board, is scientists, doctors, professors and a slew of experts doing this on a daily basis.  This is not healthy skepticism (whatever that means).  This is straight up DENIAL. And this type of thinking does NOT belong in healthcare, science, or really anywhere.  

Since most of us suffer from cognitive dissonance on a multitude of subjects, you've most likely experienced it.  This pattern usually begins when we are small.  We are told how things are and discouraged from questioning it.  School systems further this pattern by teaching one school of thinking, and then test a student’s ability to regurgitate it.  Thats not genuine learning, we are simply copying and adhering to the same concepts and beliefs our teachers have.  That is not progress, and it is the reason why conventional SCIENCE is so FRIGGING SLOW to keep up with the trends.  They are ‘surprised’ at every turn, and say 'we have to go back to the drawing board' (which they never do.)

Thats right folks, SCIENCE is not advancing. Technology is. 

Wallace Thornhill plasma physicist EU2015 Explaining the holes in the current model of gravity

Wallace Thornhill plasma physicist EU2015 Explaining the holes in the current model of gravity

They are very different.  We are still working off of science that began and ended in the 19th century.  Everything ‘new’ in science has been little more than hypothesis full of holes that are dismissed and glazed over as we ‘push ahead’ holding the same stagnant view points. (more on that in another post) 

On the contrary. . . . ASK WHY! Not enough of us ask WHY! We concede to the experts and dismiss ourselves as having access to the solution.

On the contrary. . . . ASK WHY! Not enough of us ask WHY! We concede to the experts and dismiss ourselves as having access to the solution.

The doctor my mom saw was not trained in psychology, he was not trained in mechanics, he was not trained in geology, this doctor specialized in drugs.  He is so specialized in fact that he missed the bigger picture which a child could see.  My mom is completely off balance!  He followed his everyday routine, and his (belief) systems gave him the green light to push ahead.  ‘Nothing amiss here, move along'.

Any investigation into her experience would have yielded important information that could result in a logical conclusion, and a pathway to solution.  My mom had experienced physical trauma to her shoulder last year requiring surgery and over 6 weeks in a sling.  Those 6 weeks impeded her ability to move properly.  It forced her nervous system to re-route patterns around the immobile joint while it healed.  This contributed to her gait being thrown off.  (The body works a unit).  Her nervous system created a new pattern of movement.  It adapted, and without restoring motion properly (which includes THE WHOLE BODY not just the area of the shoulder) her back is now signaling her that something is wrong.  Her shoulder is STILL in an impaired state.  Her hips and legs are receiving the 'impaired' signals from the shoulder.  Her back is stuck between a rock and a hard place, compensating for it all.


This would be comparable to getting into a crash with your car, limping it to the mechanic to figure out why its not going as fast as it was before, and him looking at the engine for the problem.  Meanwhile your wheels are pointed in 4 different directions, one of them isn’t even spinning, and your frame is bent.  What do you do?  Put a new turbo on it?  Or realign the frame?

With technology allowing us to see deeper and deeper, we are losing the global perspective, and its costing us. Specializing in one area of study is also costing us.  To be a real expert is to be humble enough to ALWAYS BE THE STUDENT.  Explore other subjects and perspectives. Integrate knowledge from a broad base of experience.  Understand that there are things YOU DON’T KNOW, YOU DON’T KNOW.  


In the end, I know I am part of this integrative solution.  More and more questions are being asked that stagnant thinking just can not keep up with.  It is not large groups of people that are inspired with fantastic new ideas and gadgets, it is the rebellious thinker.  The forward feeler who moves in the direction of the leading edge.  These are the leaders, these are the experts.  Paving the way from sluggish beliefs, towards ever-evolving understanding.  They’re often young, and ambitious, passionate and energetic.  Engaging and enigmatic.  Philosophical and alert.  Observant and curious.  Flexible and steadfast.  

Perhaps the doctor once thought and felt like this at one time, perhaps not.  I don't live in his shoes, so I can't know. But my point is this: If an expert dismisses something without fair scrutiny, DISMISS THEM and move on.  No one is a real authority/expert because the final authority is YOU. Be wise enough to be the BEST expert you can be.  Research, Test, Observe, Verify, Experiment, Stay Open to New Concepts, Quantify ALL Results, Trust Your Instincts. 

Are you ready to trust your instincts?  Prepared to put yourself back in the drivers seat?   I'm no expert, but I play one on youtube. . . . . 

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