Twin Halos Interview with RJ: MX, Training, Therapy, Posture, Nutrition


Whether you ride or not, you haven't got ANYTHING if you haven't got health. In this interview with RJ from Twin Halos, we cover misconceptions about health and workouts. We talk about myths of addressing posture, and the right way to do it. We cover arm pump, theories of why and solutions to the symptom. Workouts, proper eating, mindset, and EVERYTHING you need as a MX athlete or human being living to fullest potential.

What we talked about and relevant links

1:01 RJ is not Robert John 

1:50 Iron Foundation Program for Everyone

2:30 Younger people have ‘older’ looking postures

4:55 ShiftAlign’s Posture Protocol with Photos

5:50 How do you view yourself

7:26 Socratic Method

8:26 Biggest Obstacle for MX riders

8:45 What is Arm Pump or Chronic Compartment ‘Syndrome’ (syndrome because conventional medicine has little understanding of why it happens, and no pill to address it) 

9:10 Myths of weight training as a MX rider

11:07 Training time vs Recovery time

13:22 What is Myofascial Release

13:42 Real Time Video of Fascia at work 

14:21 Fascia acts as a safety net after trauma to protect the body, usually felt when we get the ‘stretch’ feeling to indicate we’ve moved outside the range of motion your body considers ‘safe and stable’.  Poor posture also occurs from repetitive motion or lack of stimulus which results in a ‘memory’ which the body considers ’safe’ due to what its practiced.

15:40 How RJ avoided shoulder Surgery

17:10 TwinHalos Youtube

17:30 Stop chasing the WHAT with foam rollers, answer the WHY

18:21 Myofascial Release is not enough to fix posture

18:50 RJ before and after pics  (scroll down) 

19:50 Posterior Pelvic Tilted Postural Dysfunction 

22:29 Pete Egoscue’s Story

23:30 Your gains are inhibited by your poor posture

23:39 Iron Foundation Program 

23:53 Twin Halos Taping Blog 

25:29 Rock Tape KT Tape   

30:49 Twin Halos Inflammation Why You Shouldn’t Ice Blog 

31:17 Vasoconstriction and Vasodilation is not lymph pumping

32:00 Only proper movement and muscle contraction moves lymph We have to move to flush

32:30 Gary Reinl on why Icing is bad for Inflammation

35:07 Inflammation Myths Twin Halos Blog

35:45 Tom Meyers  Anatomy Trains

36:01 Properties of Fascia

38:15 Eric Dalton fascial bags 

39:10  Rethink Surgery for Arm Pump 

40:00  Addressing Shoulders for Posture 

40:15 Carpal Tunnel 3 moves to fix it 

43:50 Twin Halos Nutrition Podcast 

46:22:  Screw Your New Years Resolution 

46:48  Motivation vs Inspiration 

47:55 Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting 

50:55 Conventional ‘science’ often misses the mark when they deny evidence that contradicts their belief systems

54:32 Iron Foundations  

57:08 Iron Reinforced

59:18 MX Kitchen

1:02:29 Gordon Ramsay Funniest Insults

1:04:10 Twin Halos Website

1:05:30 3 most important things to know


1:12:40 Instagram Twin Halos

Music by Rameses B: Butterflies Soul Essence