Norse.Life Interview with Alex

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 11.00.23 AM.png

At first glance, it may seem just a dark, scary, website that romanticizes viking culture with pretty cool graphics.   It is not that at all! is a Sweden and UK based platform that upholds a virtuous ethical lifestyle and with practical programs.  It covers fitness, survival, outdoor sports, teamwork, and deep philosophies, and integrates that into an online based community, is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and it has been a LONG time coming.

In their own words, “We do not preserve the ashes of tradition, we are the keepers of the flame.” 

I hope you enjoy this interview as we cover workouts, gaming, tribalism, human suffering, . . . what you think is holding you back and what we are truly capable of.

1:30 What is Norse.Life

4:05 How to navigate Norse

7:20 Mindset of Norse Code

8:30 Helping Those Around You

9:38 OCR is Obstacle Course Race

12:00 Workouts ,equipment, gym and mindset

14:30 Chasing adversity

15:20 Limitations vs Capability

17:08 Hávamál

18:00 Hive mentality vs Tribalism

19:00 No One Can Do It For You

20:55 Embracing Personal Darkness

21:30 Suffering is Personal

22:20 Alex Revisits His Past

26:40 Dan’s Story

30:00 Motivation During Adversity

30:45 Jocko Willink Good

33:15 Self Centered vs Tribalism

34:45 The Attraction of the Gaming Lifestyle

36:45 Is Gaming a Bad Habit?

41:00 Culture of Camping Article

44:00 What it means to be Norse

48:45 Are Survival Techniques Outdated?

51:00 Identity, Ancestry, Defining Moments

53:15 Stand By Me

55:00 Share your Sigr/Victory Facebook Group

56:30 Norse is MORE than just online

57:45 Group Raids?

1:04:10 How To Sign Up

1:08:20 Alex’s Advice

1:09:15 Pack Mentality vs Hive Mind

1:10:55 Contact Information

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Jaclyn Kiernan RDN Interview

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Meet Jaclyn Kieran, a registered clinical dietitian and nutritionist.  In this discussion we sort through the confusing and often misused terms in the health and wellness field.  We will cover buzzwords, diet fads, clinical studies, skewed statistics, and how to navigate it all clearly and confidently.  Paleo Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Keto,  Supplements, listening to yourself and making sense of it all.  Join us as we dive straight into these juicy discussions, and come out satisfied.

0:00 Jaclyn Kiernan MS RDN

1:34 Wonky Thyroid

3:11 Awesome Hashimotos!

4:20 Thyroid #1 Prescribed Med in America

4:50 Is Your Body REALLY attacking itself?

6:35 Autoimmune Theory makes NO SENSE

7:00 Dr. Randall Tent’s Autoimmune or Viruses?

7:50 Umbrella Terms of Medical Field

8:50 White Coat Syndrome

10:00 Admission to Not Knowing

11:30 Syndrome=Don’t Know

11:55 Antioxidants

12:55 Oxidative Stress

14:20 Buzz Supplements for Sale

16:05 Nutrition as Foundation 

16:20 Foods That Fight Cancer

17:05 Diabetes being Overweight

18:05 Fashionable Fasting

19:00 Good Results. . . For Men

21:25 Statistics and Studies: Who Funds Them?

22:30 Its ok to Ask

23:30 Jaclyn is Open to your Inquiries

24:20 Doctors Are STILL laughing at Results?

25:40 New Doctors Don’t Want to be Wrong

27:25 Science of Fasting

27:50 Results No One Will Fund

28:35 Keto Buzzword and Origins

35:40 Why Keto feels good. . . At First

36:40 Is it dirty Keto or Paleo?

37:10 Professional Help vs Umbrella Diet

37:48 Fat Should NOT be the body’s main Fuel

38:15 Dirty or Clean Keto WTF?

39:00 Correcting Doctors on Nutrition

40:14 Having the Foundation 

41:42 Practicing What They Preach

43:10 Supplements VS Food

43:50 Whats in Supplements?

44:30 Label Reading

46:20 Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen 

46:00 Organic Negotiation 

49:30 Go Big or Go Home Turmeric Latte

40:45 Essential Thoughts on Oils

42:40 Sinus Infection and Aerial Championships

54:10 Drastic Surgery or Nothing 

54:50 You’re FIRED doctor!

55:50 Label Reading-Switch and Ditch

59:30 Why Smell is so Helpful with Healing

1:00:20 Pure Natural Therapeutic Grade-Yeah Right

1:01:03 YL Transparency

1:01:30 Savvy Minerals 

1:02:00 Discovery Sessions — Unboxing Yourself

1:03:35 What Sessions are Like

1:04:10 The Yoda Quote 

1:05:06 Get Ready for Loss

1:05:40 Giving Yourself Away—Who Am I?

1:06:15 What Essential Oils to use

1:06:50 Psychosomatic IS emotional and physical

1:07:30 Aroma Freedom Technique

1:08:40 Women’s Empty Pitchers

1:10:00 Self Care Takes 1 Minute

1:11:05 Women Instinctually Adapt Dmitry Tamoikin Interview

1:12:00 Dr. Trisha Smith Interview 

1:13:09 Who Do You Become?

1:13:50 Abraham Hicks 

1:14:30 History of Imperfect Gandhi

1:15:03 Respecting Your Boundaries

1:16:20 Workshops Facebook Newsletter Sessions

1:17:20 Holistic Speaking Events

Yoga Retreat 

1:18 20 Makeup Day At Jaclyn’s Place 

1:20:03 3 Word Cabinet Challenge

1:21:50 Jaclyn’s 3 Tips to All

Dr. Trisha Smith: Interview with a Wim Hof Method Instructor

Welcome to Shiftalign. Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Trisha Smith. She is one of the very first Americans to be certified in the Wim Hof Method, and an all around AWESOME human being. In our discussion we cover Breathing, Handling Fear, Extreme temperatures, the Female Perspective, How to be Present, and more! You’ll learn what drives Trish and how to genuinely follow your own drive. Listen in as she Expands Your Human!

1:00 Who Is Dr. Trish?

3:25 An Ice Bath Changed My Life

3:50 Fear is Amazing!

5:40 Mission 

5:55 Patient Independence

6:18 What is Health

6:50 What is an Optimal Human?

7:43 Health is up to YOU

8:20 What is WHM 

8:40 Simple Human Things

9:19 The Most Important Muscle 

9:33 Best Starting Point for Beginners

9:46 Cold or hot

10:50 Mindset Commitment

11:20 Carol Dwek Mindset: The New Psychology of Success 

13:40 Seems Extreme Its Not Its Human

14:05 Doesn’t have to be complicated

14:30 Minimal Effective Dose

15:30 Don’t Like Cold?

15:55 Walk the Walk

16:35 Never Force

16:55 Abraham Hicks Inspiring Others

17:30 Cold Water Exposure Women

19:47 Feel The Seasons

20:01 Be Kind to Yourself

21:42 Force vs Discipline

22:30 Where the Magic Is

22:45 Small Incremental Increases

26:44 Advanced Techniques while Staying Basic

27:40 Interval Extremes

28:40 Its About Depth

31:00 Internal Focus

32:00 Expand Your Human

32:48 WakeUp Routines

33:03 6 Primal Principles

40:19 Being Present

43:30 When Your Significant Other Has a Different Schedule

45:46 Addiction, Disease, Meds and WHM

47:45 Opioids Canabanoids and Releasing Them

49:50 Dr. Trish’s Schooling

50:48 Functional Range Conditioning

Emotional Intelligence Training

52:30 Dr. Randall Tent Auto-Immune? or Viruses 

53:57 Human Immune System Rabbit Hole

54:45 Research is Slow and Limited 

56:10 No more questions? No where to go.

57:10 Trish’s Facebook Page

57:55 Free Webinar Coming Up 

58:20 T-shirts 

59:10 Corporate Training

1:01:30 Fear is a Good Thing

1:03:05 Reframing Fear to Overcome

1:05:50 Love Fear

1:07:22 What Trish Loves

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Greg's Revolution Fitness Interview


Why Revolution?

Because conventional approaches fall short.

Both in logic and in results.


If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything. I interviewed Victoria and Greg from Revolution Radio Fitness Podcast and Greg’s Revolution Fitness to discuss holistic approaches to wellness. Holistic because it incorporates as many aspects of the human BEING as we have to develop. All of which are important, and can enrich your life.

0:00 Intro

1:44 Stuffing You In The Corner at Gym

2:15 Holistic Nervous System

3:24 Oaur Ring

8:16 Mind Body Soul Expo 

8:37 Thermographic Scanner link

9:25 Michael Corcoran 

10:45 Guide To Healthiest You 

14:50 Revolution Radio Fitness Podcast 

19:14 Nurse to CNA clinical instructor

22:09 Why is a Revolution needed?

25:46 Bruce Lee Be as Water

28:00 Jarid Kenyon Human Design 

32:35 Specialization is for insects

37:47 Hollywood Sports Distraction

40:15 intermittent fasting fad

41:00 Foundation of Fasting

43:00 Cooking Oil in Restraints

43:45 Benefits of Fasting

44:35 Bill Phillips Body for Life 6 meals

44:50 Sustainable program for just 3 months?

45:20 Jason Fung

45:35 The Science of Fasting documentary 

46:10 Use Tools of Internet

46:20 Wim Hof’s clinical trials

46:39 Why fasting makes you younger 

50:20 Fung on Sugar 

52:00 Curvy Barbie 

53:00 Europeans aren’t as fat as Americans

54:15 What are we teaching our children?

55:10 Human goals Happy Healthy Strong

58:40 Yang now Yin 50 years later

59:15 Painting while you lift?

1:01:13 Nature is your Playground

1:01:50 Romanticizing Paleo and Fasting

1:02:20 Thunderbolts Project Cataclysmic event changed humanity

1:03:07 Went Vegan for a Year, what Greg Learned

1:04:39 JP Sears If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans

1:08:00 HGH Human Growth Hormone

1:10:00 Bill’s Efficiency Charts 

1:10:20 Source your Information statistics are skewed to fit the sale

1:12:26 Mind Body Soul Expo

1:13:20 Paul Check

1:14:15 Balance

1:16:25 Dr. Trisha Smith Wim Hof Method Instructor

1:17:00 Hot Cold Reset pH and Nervous system

1:20:04 Turkish Bath NY

1:21:30 Heart Rate Monitor app Elite HRV

1:23:15 Nuts and Bolts of understanding yourself

1:25:08 Biohacking Definition

1:25:34 Feet Talk to us

1:26:00 DNA test with GOOD backing

1:28:40 Allow New information and expand

1:29:49 Cognitive Dissonance

1:30:30 We live in a Hologram

1:33:00 Intellectualism vs Feeling

1:33:32 Bruce Lee on Strict Martial Arts

1:34:24 Invitation to Wim Hof Come on Revolution Radio Fitness Podcast

1:35:30 Guide To Healthiest You  Revolution Radio Fitness Podcast 

1:36:30 From Competition to Inspiration

1:39:20 Top Tips for Health

Music by Rameses B Digidrop

Dmitry Tamoikin Interview: Health, Training, Relationships, Diet, Politics, and more


It is not about what you look at, but where you look from

I spoke with Dmitry Tamoikin, a young serial entrepreneur who has MORE life experience than some of us have combined. From childhood, schooling, and travels to business, health, and goals, this discussion will take you on a journey through a different lens. Sometimes sobering, often humorous, but in every way honest, the interview is in-depth and in its entirety.


1:27 Got my cocoa and Ready to be interviewed

1:30 Dmitry Introduction

3:03 Bettering the World Through Sharing

4:00 Dmitry’s Life Hack #1 video

6:00 Direct Enrichment from Youtube 

7:55 Encouraging a Friend Youtube

9:23 #1 place to be for Entrepreneurs Youtube

9:53 Dmitry’s Mantra

10:15 Jacko Willink Podcast

12:16 Learning French 

12:47 Why the Russian Accent

13:17 They thought I was french

14:08 I’m Memorable

14:13 Arnold Schwarzenegger 

15:36 No Success to Great Success

16:32 Dmitry’s Background Story

16:50 George Orwell

17:40 African Move

18:22 Migrating to Canada

21:00 The BIG EVENT millionaire 

23:00 Why Kim left college

24:36 Shifting from Anger to what you want

25:00 B.A.S.E. Jumping

27:50 Nicola Tesla Quote

29:00 Dmitry on Relationships

33:10 Predisposition for Happiness

-Dmitry’s Knee Video

34:04 Predisposed for Happiness

-Keys to Good Relationship

36:10 Know their parents

35:40 Disputing Tesla

36:00 Wim Hof Method

38:30 Dmitry Recommends Wim Hof

39:00 How Dmitry breathes at the ocean

40:12 Crimea Isn’t Siberia

41:50 Playing Russian Mafia

42:28 Proving Your Worth 



0:00 Russian parachuting

1:05 Walrus club

2:15 Eastern Europe is doing it, so are Greeks 

2:45 Why Russians are crazy 

4:40Playing with Russian Mafia 

5:42 Smack them in the EYE 

6:20 You know how many people I know?

6:55 Did you go to school with Dmitry? Please Comment!

7:10 Sports in High school 

7:40 Tough Coaches and No screaming 

8:50 Sport Spirit adapted to gym 

10:00 Technical difficulties resolved with a brutal axe 

10:50 Beards thoughts 10:50

11:22 German singer  Conchita Wurst

13:00 Questions Dmitry gets

17:00 Whats manly, Whats feminine, let them be

18:00 Undermining men and warrior mentality 

- women’s adaptable capability genetic predisposition

- mens genetic predisposition

- aggressive resistance to masculinity

- conflict between men and women and relationship destruction 

21:30 what makes a man a man and a woman a woman

22:45 embracing your inner animal

25:10  Brain Sex Anne Moir David Jessel

25:45 Mads Palsvig Interview   

26:00 Dmitry’s Video on Plastic and Hormones

28:24 End result can not be blamed on those affected

29:32 Clinical studies are suppressed

31:30 Mads Palsvig Interview

31:55 Sex Change Operations Depression

33:25 normalizing psychological chemical trauma   

34:10 Biggest Fear

34:40 Loving Life

36:25 Fascination with Space

37:55 What was the question again?

38:51 Stale Life Freak Out

39:19 Average life I can’t stand

40:53 Mercedes G Class Galant Wagon

42:12 I’m SUPER Careful

42:35 No college but PHD

43:00 Diving under Ice video

45:20 Reaching for the next you average vs next

46:18 Fear is the greatest motivator

47:36 War has been waged on ego

47:55 How to deal with egotistical people


48:45  Roman Oleh Yaworsky Being Centered 

49:46 Ego bashers Contradiction

50:30 Jacko said don’t be a pompous ass


51:10 when to be humble vs aggressive 


Part 3

0:00 Diet

1:25 Something close to paleo 1:25

3:20 Why Costco is impressive 3:20

4:25 supporting local 4:25

4:45 vegetarian attempt 4:45

6:05 Eating a LOT

6:15 Super Charged Rice Recipe

6:55 Eat what fits you

8:45 Dairy

9:15 Coffee and Alcohol

10:05 Milk and Cows

10:25 Milk government and farms

11:10 I support Local Farmers

12:45 Dr. Hyman food is information 

14:25 Grampies Boat

15:49 Scale and Beauty of Winter Swimming

19:17 Not blaming establishment

19:35 Escapism

22:25 Steps To Wealth

23:15 Nothing Stopping You

25:14 Captain Kim in Palau

25:22 FREE Entrepreneur Coaching

23:53 3 words for you!

26:40 Renaissance Man

28:58 Serial Entrepreneur

30:33 What is money to Dmitry 

31:45 Mark Zukerberg Facebook

32:48 Richard Branson virgin serial entrepreneurs big level

34:10 Prepare for What?!

34:30 American perspective vs Russian point of view

38:55 Women need to learn survival skills

39:20 Hurricane Sandy and Katrina

41:00 How we Should Live Optimism

41:35 Robert A. Heinlein quote 

43:13 inspired by pioneer women

44:15 Cougar Hit on Me

45:36 Losing loved ones 

47:20 Be proud of your Ancestors

48:18 Forgetting Your Roots

49:00 Russian Soldier Killed 20 people with 1 ax WW2

49:52 Jocko Willink Korean soldier vs Chinese soldier

50:54 I must live up to my ancestors 

54:00 Music

55:20 Whining about Relationships Sucks 

56:34 NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming

56:47 Russian Prison Music

58:22 Music Programs You be Careful

59:49 Why nature is Important to Experience

1:02:05 WILD Nature is Important

1:02:20 The Soul


Twin Halos Interview with RJ: MX, Training, Therapy, Posture, Nutrition


Whether you ride or not, you haven't got ANYTHING if you haven't got health. In this interview with RJ from Twin Halos, we cover misconceptions about health and workouts. We talk about myths of addressing posture, and the right way to do it. We cover arm pump, theories of why and solutions to the symptom. Workouts, proper eating, mindset, and EVERYTHING you need as a MX athlete or human being living to fullest potential.

What we talked about and relevant links

1:01 RJ is not Robert John 

1:50 Iron Foundation Program for Everyone

2:30 Younger people have ‘older’ looking postures

4:55 ShiftAlign’s Posture Protocol with Photos

5:50 How do you view yourself

7:26 Socratic Method

8:26 Biggest Obstacle for MX riders

8:45 What is Arm Pump or Chronic Compartment ‘Syndrome’ (syndrome because conventional medicine has little understanding of why it happens, and no pill to address it) 

9:10 Myths of weight training as a MX rider

11:07 Training time vs Recovery time

13:22 What is Myofascial Release

13:42 Real Time Video of Fascia at work 

14:21 Fascia acts as a safety net after trauma to protect the body, usually felt when we get the ‘stretch’ feeling to indicate we’ve moved outside the range of motion your body considers ‘safe and stable’.  Poor posture also occurs from repetitive motion or lack of stimulus which results in a ‘memory’ which the body considers ’safe’ due to what its practiced.

15:40 How RJ avoided shoulder Surgery

17:10 TwinHalos Youtube

17:30 Stop chasing the WHAT with foam rollers, answer the WHY

18:21 Myofascial Release is not enough to fix posture

18:50 RJ before and after pics  (scroll down) 

19:50 Posterior Pelvic Tilted Postural Dysfunction 

22:29 Pete Egoscue’s Story

23:30 Your gains are inhibited by your poor posture

23:39 Iron Foundation Program 

23:53 Twin Halos Taping Blog 

25:29 Rock Tape KT Tape   

30:49 Twin Halos Inflammation Why You Shouldn’t Ice Blog 

31:17 Vasoconstriction and Vasodilation is not lymph pumping

32:00 Only proper movement and muscle contraction moves lymph We have to move to flush

32:30 Gary Reinl on why Icing is bad for Inflammation

35:07 Inflammation Myths Twin Halos Blog

35:45 Tom Meyers  Anatomy Trains

36:01 Properties of Fascia

38:15 Eric Dalton fascial bags 

39:10  Rethink Surgery for Arm Pump 

40:00  Addressing Shoulders for Posture 

40:15 Carpal Tunnel 3 moves to fix it 

43:50 Twin Halos Nutrition Podcast 

46:22:  Screw Your New Years Resolution 

46:48  Motivation vs Inspiration 

47:55 Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting 

50:55 Conventional ‘science’ often misses the mark when they deny evidence that contradicts their belief systems

54:32 Iron Foundations  

57:08 Iron Reinforced

59:18 MX Kitchen

1:02:29 Gordon Ramsay Funniest Insults

1:04:10 Twin Halos Website

1:05:30 3 most important things to know


1:12:40 Instagram Twin Halos

Music by Rameses B: Butterflies Soul Essence

Goodbye 2018: Screw Your Resolution for 2019


And what a year it was! But you don’t need wishful thinking of the New Year to make a commitment to change, do you? Its one of the things most of us fall prey to, (some more determined than others) and end up failing miserably by the time February comes around. Why? Because:

We put the PRESENT MOMENT off. FAR off! Into the future.

Which never happens.

Isn’t it so relieving to say “I’ll do that later!” or “Tomorrow I’ll start the new me!” Then it turns into, “Next week I’ll begin my plan.” We are well meaning, but because we never take the NOW moment as our fresh opportunity, we continue a pattern of no followthrough. I know, because I speak from experience. I’m a big procrastinator! I need people and situations to make me accountable. Don’t we all? Its called motivation. And though motivation has its merits, I’d rather take action from inspiration instead. So whats the difference?

Watch this short video to learn the ONE TRUE reason why your choice will sustain itself or not.

The shift in thinking is this, begin hanging out in the emotional areas of where you WANT to be more often. Or in the very least, point yourself in that direction. THAT is what is going to inspire you towards an action. And, as I say in the video, inspired action is way more powerful than motivated action.


Screw this quote! Watch my video below to not waste another minute and get what you want NOW!

Screw this quote! Watch my video below to not waste another minute and get what you want NOW!

Screw this quote! Don’t even consider the new day, consider the new moment! EVERY MOMENT is a new moment. FEEL the fresh start awaiting you right now! And DON’T CHANGE. Instead just focus on the ‘feel free’ part. Feel the fresh opportunity in this now moment. THAT is where your freedom lies, and that is where your inspiration lies.

What Happened This Week at ShiftAlign

Did you miss it? The last 7 days went fast. If you’ve been following me on Facebook, Instagram and even Youtube, you probably saw my newest LIVE videos. Maybe you even participated in a few of them. If you did, congratulations. You’ve been introduced to just a few of the tools I use to help YOU help YOURSELF. If you didn’t, boy are you missing out!

going live

A lot of us don’t have much time for many of our priorities. And almost every one of us places ourselves last in that list. I understand. Making it to the gym, eating right, and even deliberate relaxation takes time. So I decided to bring quality information and the practice of it, to YOU via live streaming events. Here is a taste of what you may have missed, or recap of what you participated in.

Postural Alignment LIVE Therapy

Wednesday was the foundation. Posture is my go to for all your ailments, at least at first. Do you know why? Because out of all the wonderful tools I have, it is the easiest to convey, the simplest to perform, and what I’m mostly schooled in. Face it, if your antennae is twisted and/or bent, there is no way you’re going to get clear signaling within your own body. You’re just going to get the signal of MISALIGNMENT which results in pain.


So first things first, allow the structures to realign as best they can through varied specific movement patterns. Thats right, the body realigns itself depending on the environment its in. Its called ADAPTATION. Adding new stimulus, will result in new patterns. Specific stimulus designed for your specific posture is the best way to go. So I chose 5 of my favorite tried and true moves that affect common misalignments that I see. Unfortunately I had my device at the wrong angle for the Facebook feed and it is sideways. But I was Live on Instagram and Youtube simultaneously and that is where it is right side up. Want to know more about what we did? Head over to Facebook Instagram and YouTube make sure to like, love, subscribe, follow and SHARE to keep me doing what I do!

Tuning the Electromagnetic Body


Once our antenna is more structurally sound, we can plug in, and begin transmitting/receiving more clearly. Never heard it explained that way, huh? Apart from being physical, we are also chemical. Duh, we knew that. But many of us don’t realize that we are electrical. We generate, store, emit, conduct, transmit, resonate etc. And we do it because the entirety of the universe from the wide expanse of space to the tiniest objects we can currently see, is filled with charged particles. Everything is ELECTRIC. (more in another blog) That means everything has a frequency. This is how we interact with our environment in both powerful and subtle ways.


In the same way that I use postural therapy to realign the body’s structures, I use tuning forks to retune the body’s signaling. Just like sound can break up kidney stones, or be used in brain surgery, I use sound to clear up noise or static in and around the human body (and animal body, and vegetable body, but I don’t charge for that). Intriguing? It was for me when I began understanding the physics behind this, and experienced it for myself.

This is what I did on Thursday. I took the audience through a mini-session. Want to learn more? Head over to the Video. If you didn’t experience it, you can listen there. . . again and again for ongoing benefits!

Cold Water Training

me in shower

No sissies allowed! Friday, I threw down the gloves and hit you hard with a powerful breathing technique designed to affect the autonomic nervous system (what science previously assumed was not controllable). We tapped into it with the breath, unleashing endorphins, serotonin, adrenaline, dopamine, norepinephrine and dimethyltryptamine. I’ll wait until after you looked these up. My point is, that we host a slew of incredible healing chemicals that we never deliberately access. Why? Because no one has ever told us that we can! Doctors, teachers, mommy and daddy. . . They’re under a misinformed paradigm that is changing FAST! Being SUPER HUMAN is your birthright, and I led Friday’s session with breath work to start us off. After the session, there was a part 2! The cold water training. For those of you who were brave, you took the tablet, iPad, or smartphone into your bathroom or to the garden hose, and got into the stream. You joined me as I walked you through the steps and demonstrated in my own bathroom so you didn’t get confused or lost. You found out quickly how your body’s initial reaction began to melt away under the control you can exhibit. What are the benefits of chillin’ like a villain? You’ve got to experience it firsthand! But if you’re a sissy, you can just read about it in the comments on my FB Friday’s Video page . Don’t forget to share!


That was last week in a nutshell everyone. I look forward to your comments, both here and on my pages so I can better understand my audience (you) and what you want. If getting valuable content is important to you, then providing quality content is important to me. Please don’t keep me a secret.


I Love Sharing

How To Take A Punch

“Holy shit we’ve got a room full of flinchers!”
— William Zabka in Cobra Kai
Rather Listen to this blog?  Click video below.

Rather Listen to this blog? Click video below.

Dear Students and Clients:  I'm pretty candid, to put it mildly.  My techniques, and manners are not for everyone and thats a fact.  I bring a lot of concepts to the table that most people aren't ready to absorb or even comprehend.  I educate some of you, I entertain most of you, and I discourage many of you.  But to those that do resonate with me, you have experienced some incredible changes in your lives under YOUR OWN POWER.  You have realized a simple yet tough truth:

You are responsible for the way you feel, the thoughts you think, the emotions you have, and the life you live. 

New attendees in my classes aren't always prepared to get the bucket of cold water over their heads.  People expect certain behaviors from 'fitness instructors', that I don't always adhere to.  That is where I shine.  In the realm of the UNEXPECTED.  I provoke emotion and encourage thought.  I teach clarity, through awareness.  And if you're in the vicinity of wanting to guide your own destiny, I provide the tools, framework, and skills necessary to do so.  

wallace wattles tremendous

If however, you're incapable of living your life deliberately, or taking responsibility for your own feelings and thoughts, my methods and words seem sharp, callous, and are INDEED a punch to the face.  I've had students never return, complain to gym owners, even walk out mid class.  Sometimes I've let them go, but other times (inspired moments) I've halted their exit.  And you know what has come of that?  Enlightenment. In that moment they become aware. They realize that they are only running away from themselves, and from that there is nowhere to hide.  Those students have thanked me, and I have thanked them right back.  For being present enough to guide their own destiny during a moment of clarity.


That is why I love the Cobra Kai series on Youtube.  It is an eye opener from the antagonist’s perspective.  I wasn't expecting it to be so entertaining, and educational, but I find the character Johnny Lawrence's methods most refreshing.  He plays an unapologetic sensei, teaching what he knows best: survival through tough hard lessons.  He educates his students with the wisdom that the world will not change for you, but instead you need to 'flip the script' in order to prompt change. He is often insulting, sometimes overbearing, and very concise.  He encourages focus, confidence, and self-discipline.  

Raise your hand if you’ve never been punched in the face.  All your lives you’ve been avoiding fights.  So you don’t break your nose, or lose a tooth, . . . This concussion nonsense. So theres only one solution, and that is before you leave this dojo, each and every one of you is going to take a punch, VERY HARD, to the face.
— Johnny Lawrence Cobra Kai

In my younger days, I too trained in martial arts dojos across Long Island. I see some similarities between his and my teaching styles.  Though I'm not sending children home in tears, I am sending students home with fresh awareness.  Some will be aware that my class is not for them.  Others will be aware that they need to 'flip the script' if they want their lives to change.  Students realize that they shouldn't take themselves too seriously.  Others take themselves so seriously that they never come back.

I don’t practice being everything to everyone that walks into the classroom. I don’t teach how to be everything to everyone in your life. We can not possibly do that. I teach responsibility to own your own feelings, own your own thoughts, and own your own life. There is no room for blame, because blame puts others in power. That is not what I teach. For many people this is a hard concept to swallow. It is a punch to the face, especially to those not ready to quit. . .


Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 7.40.57 PM.png

Its much easier to pass the buck and shift responsibility to someone or something else, then go on living your life. But you see that isn’t living life. That is living life by default. Living the blame game means you’re allowing life to happen to you. You let others direct your life, because you take no effort to guide it yourself. You let conditions dictate how you feel at any given moment, and blame the conditions for how you feel, good or bad.

In the end I’m not here to pat your bottom and tell you how special it is. I’m here to hold space for you to dictate the direction your life goes. To own who you are, how you feel, and do so deliberately. To address the flinching. Because the cold hard fact is

You create your own reality

"There is only one solution, and that is before you leave this dojo, each and every one of you is going to take a punch, VERY HARD, to the face." William Zabka in Cobra Kai

"There is only one solution, and that is before you leave this dojo, each and every one of you is going to take a punch, VERY HARD, to the face." William Zabka in Cobra Kai

Static Extension Position: The Anti-Sit Move

Sitting isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  I know we have standing workstations now, and funny fitness ball chairs, but in the big picture, we have made great technological advances that benefit us, yet require us to sit for long periods.

If you're fearful of what your extended chair time might be doing to your body, I want you to first take a deep breath and let it go.  Your body will adapt to the environment it is in, and the stimulus you give it.  Did that sink in?  That means you can interrupt the pattern, and sitting isn't a bad thing.  I'd like you to meet. . . 

Static Extension

Start in the hands and knees position.  Place your hands under shoulders and knees under hips.  (You may need a mirror or a friend because what you THINK is aligned may not be).  

Walk your hands a HAND LENGTH away from you.  Now don't go too far.  If your hips began directly over your knees, your end result should look like the photo. (see 'troubleshooting' below)

Re-position your shoulders over your wrists again.  Keeping your elbows straight, drop your shoulder blades together, put an arch in your low back, and drop your head.

This is a personal favorite because of what it does:

Reduces Thoracic and Pelvic Rotation

Addresses Pelvic Disparities and Elevation

Teaches the Shoulders how to Load

Encourages Hip Flexor Engagement

Encourages the 'S' Curve in your Spine

Re-Educates Muscles of shoulder arm hip pelvis back

Repositions Head

Addresses Neck Pain

Static Extension Position What

Now that I covered the what, you can deduce the why.  So now, who should use this move?

Spin Enthusiasts

Posteriorly Tilted Pelvis (tucked under)

'C' curved spine

Forward Head

Upper Cross Syndrome

Weak Hip Flexors

Rounded Shoulders

Elevated Hip

Bicycle Riders 

Neck Pain

Twisted Torso or Pelvis

After sitting for 30+minutes 


See how this model is demonstrating hips swaying or bailing to the floor.  

See how this model is demonstrating hips swaying or bailing to the floor.  

Does your lower back hurt when you do this?  Does this feel like a really hard move for your back to hold?  Most likely you've walked TOO far with your hands, and your hips are bailing towards the floor.  Check your starting position.  Your hips should be DIRECTLY over your knees.  Walk the hands 6" away.  I put my palm where my fingertips are.


Do your wrists hurt?  Pain in your hands?  This is a sign that your shoulders are not doing their job bearing the load.  They've been shifting the work effort to the lower arm and it is compensating.  You might have noticed your elbows keep bending.  Until your shoulder can strengthen in this position, you can make a fist as a modification. 

Do Your Elbows Hurt?  You guessed it, you're in compensation.  You can regress to fists, or you can also do this move on your elbows. *Don't Let Your Hands Touch!  Keep them in line with your shoulders.  In the very least, the forearms MUST stay parallel while you're on elbows.  

While on elbows this model is taking the golfer grip hand position and rotating the upper arm outward.  He is making sure his hands do NOT touch.

While on elbows this model is taking the golfer grip hand position and rotating the upper arm outward.  He is making sure his hands do NOT touch.

Pain is not something to be feared, it is something to be understood. For most of us we already understand that we don't move enough, or with necessary quality.  This is one way to add that stimulus to your daily routine.  You brush your teeth, wipe your ass, get dressed (sometimes). . . To live well, we must also MOVE WELL.

I want to move well