Introduction to Mirror Work


Why Mirror Work

  • Build Self Esteem

  • Release Fears

  • Find Your Power

  • Feel Happier

  • Forgive Yourself and Others

  • Love Your Body

  • Dismantle Destructive Patterns

  • Find Nourishing Life Experiences

  • Create Abundance

  • Understand Boundaries

  • Release Anger

  • Heal Relationships

  • Establish Healthy Habits

  • And More


life loves me

A New Beginning Practice

If you’ve never done mirror work, let me be the first to welcome you to a life changing practice that is simple and powerful. You’ll need a mirror, and either a dedicated journal or some paper. The best time to do mirror work is right now.

  • Look into your own eyes.

  • Make sure to breathe.

  • Say the words “Life Loves Me”.

  • Notice 3 things and write them down:

    • Physical what is happening with my body

    • Emotional what is happening with my feelings

    • Mental what is happing with my thoughts

  • Repeat “Life Loves Me” 9 more times and note what comes up after each repetition.

  • Remember to breathe.

  • After you’ve said this 10 times, look into the mirror and say “I am willing to let life love me today”.

  • Note what comes up physically, emotionally, and mentally again.

  • Repeat this affirmation until the sensations in your body, emotions, and thoughts feel comfortable.

This sort of technique does NOT work in theory it only works in practice. The best time to do mirror work is right now.

Things to remember while practicing:

  • Be gentle with yourself. Make it mirror play instead of work.

  • You can’t get it wrong. Making yourself wrong for feeling emotions, or thinking a thought increases its influence.

  • We are the worst critics of ourselves. If you notice you are being critical, acknowledge it, write it down, and thank that aspect of your for sharing. Then continue the mirror practice.

  • The best time to do mirror work is right now. Did I say that already? Let it be the most important concept you take away from this introduction. This technique does not work in theory, it only works in practice.

I applaud you for taking this powerful step in your journey towards a happier more fulfilling life experience. If you enjoy this introduction you can find more practices here. . . .