Make into a video . Write key points that coincide “ we’re gonna learn about contrast feelings emotions as indicators and directional feeling “

We hear it all the time.  I’m afraid to fall in love.  I’ll never love again. Love hurts.  

Let’s get real here, when you are really in love, you do not say such things.  Everything is brighter lighter, more wonderful than ever.  Daily irritations  don’t bother you so much.  Feeling in love makes everything else feel better.  We are open to little delights, like clouds, birds, the sound of children laughing.  We see things through new eyes, our love lens.  Were you in love once? Remember how that felt? Remember how you experienced things? 

(Speak video “your emotions are coloring your experience. But it’s mor than that . Happier people come your way, etc. life lines up for your vibration)

Your dominant emotion colored your experience.  As it did so, the things that matched how you felt were more prominent.  It was like magic was occurring.  The songs on the radio sung just for you, highlighting the powerful feeling you projected.  You texted each other at the same time. Thinking the same thoughts.  Certain movies come on right when you’re inspired to turn on the tv. It’s as if life is hearing you and setting up delight after delight in a meaningful orchestrated way.  Its called synchronicity. Do you remember things like that? You might have brushed it off as coincidence, but let me tell you it was not. It was your powerful ability to focus your thought, but even more so your feelings.  It’s what I call directional feelings 

If yourself feel it long enough or strong enough it will increase momentum in that direction. Whether you exhibit control or not. Feel the feeling think the thought, and it’s going to show up.  Our ability to focus with emotion will set us on a path.  Feelings are indicators of where we are going 

Let me explain what I mean.  We understand the ability to focus a thought, right? Pick a thought and keep thinking about it.  Simple concept right? But what is directly tied to thoughts are feelings.  I won’t argue what comes first chicken or egg, but we can agree that there is an emotional response immediately occurring when we hold a thought.  Even if you what we are thinking of isn’t actually happening at the time.  So even action can be divorced from this relationship between feeling and thought.  It’s what we do when we visualize or meditate or get ourselves knotted up when we worry.

We can hold a feeling place despite the physical condition or event.  Do you recall when you did that? How did you make yourself feel? Wasnt it as if the event was really Occurring?

In truth, we don’t need an event to occur in order to feel a certain way.  If we weren’t such sloppy thinkers we could focus ourselves into loving bliss anytime we wanted. But that isn’t the case.  We exert little to no control over our feelings thoughts and even actions because we like to blame the world for why we feel think and act.  In other words we are very conditional 

If we really look at the subject of love and how people claim to fear it, what we really see is the fear of its opposite. Loss of love,  contrast what will happen when they leave me.  How will i feel when they choose someone else?  I can’t open up because you’ll, hurt me.  Have you ever second guessed yourself in this Way?

What you are really afraid of is the opposite, loss of love.  

We are not afraid of love, we are worried about the shitty story we tell ourselves if love goes wrong.  We will actually ruin the chance of a good thing getting started because of our inability to focus our feelings in a direction we want to go.  Crazy right?  Have you ever pretended the worst ? Even under the guise of being ‘realistic’ or practical?

Well it IS realistic. Because you are creating your own reality.  By nourishing thoughts like that, you are hoeing the woe garden. Planting the woe seeds. Holding the mental emotional and even physical environment for it to inevitably take root, sprout and blossom.  Those blossoms stink! And you planted them, watered them, fed them, and devoted your time and energy to their survival. If you’re really focused and sincerely expect it, you’ll have your ‘I told you so ‘ moment. It becomes your reality. Because you invested yourself there.