You Made It!


And this is only the beginning!  You’ve got some powerful insight so far, if you chose to use it. Any and every subject you wish to shift, you now have the ability to do so.  How?  Because during this series you learned important foundational concepts :

1- Two Ends every subject is really two subjects, the absence and presence of it.  (Photo of snuggle cat face and cat butt)

2- Contrast life will show you contrast 

3-Preference you will immediately create preference when faced with contrast.

4- instant creation vibrationally everything happens instantaneously speed of thought lining up multiple outcomes and paths to travel 

5-momentum or patterns you have preceding the vibration and thought can either create resistance or propel you ride the wave 

7- Dominant Vibrational Place your outcomes and experience (present and future) depend on the feeling place you’re holding most consistently, the thoughts you think and the thoughts you receive (inspiration) will be patterned alike

 8- thought can be changed, a belief is just a thought you keep thinking 

9-Directional feeling and thinking  you can choose to focus and aim where you want to go “GET CLEAR ON YOUR FEAR AND STEER”

10-feelings emotions are indicators of where you’re re e

There are multiple ways to self guide towards your dreams and desires,  the knowledge is the key to moving forward.  If you liked what you learned, and would like some helpful action tools to get you started, get the shift while you sleep method