3 F.E.A.R.S.


False Evidence Appearing Real Series

Welcome to the course. Click the photo above and get started via video. If you love to read, please continue doing so.

Lets go over some fundamental requirements for absorbing and applying the new information you’ll be exposed to in this series.

Step one is AWARENESS. This happens through willingness to learn.  It means new information, and new perspectives are headed your way if you’re ready to understand them.  I already assume that is why you are here.  You know what you don’t want and you’d like to change something.  Awareness.  Only then can you gain the insight you’re looking for and receive clarity on that something.  CLARITY is the ‘Ah ha’ moment, enlightenment. Thats where I come in. I introduce the new concepts.

Step two is choice.  Once you gain clarity, you can not unlearn what you have learned. There is no going back. You can either stay as you, are or make a conscious decision to shift. You deliberately create your life from that moment forward, or let life continue to dictate how you feel and behave. Whatever direction you take, you will become empowered by your awareness and clarity.  Even if you realize that this course is not for you.

In the coming days I will send you 3 emails. Each outlines one subject and teaches you fundamental concepts that apply to ALL subjects.  So you’re not limited to only three when you complete the course.  It is my hope that you find the information easily digestible and practical. 

In the meantime, its a good idea to get really clear on what you don’t want. Basically Get Clear On Your Fear. You don’t have to play it out, and terrorize yourself with it. Instead, write down what you’re afraid of. Keep it simple, and write 3 sentences per fear subject, that draw out more details. Keep them handy for the end of the course. We will return to them.

From here on out, I invite you to take control of your own experience.   This is your life, go and create it!